Throughout CA EED, a number of reports are produced. The different types of CA EED reports can be summarised as:


After each Plenary Meeting, a Proceedings report is produced. This is a confidential report with a public summary.

The purpose of the report is to provide an overview of the results of each Plenary Meeting. When available, presentations will be available publicly on the CA EED website after each Plenary Meeting. These presentations highlight particular examples from a Member State in relation to a topic during the Plenary Meeting.

The Proceedings Report is designed to address Policy Officers from the Member States ministries and implementing bodies that were unable to attend the Plenary Meeting.

Impact report

The Impact Report provides insight into the impact that the Concerted Action has had while aiding the implementation of the EED in Member States of the EU as well as Norway.

The Impact Report:

National EED Implementation Report

National EED Implementation Reports provide information on the EED Implementation approach of each Member State.