Expert Areas Overview

During the Concerted Action (CA), work is structured around fourteen “Expert Areas”. These Expert Areas cover the requirements of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED).

The Expert Areas are defined as:

 Expert AreaArticles
EA1Planning, monitoring and verification and savings calculationsArt 3, Art 7, Art 21, Art 24
EA2Energy efficiency obligation schemes and alternative measuresArt 7
EA3Public buildingsArt 5
EA4Public purchasingArt 6, Art 19
EA5Split incentivesArt 19
EA6Metering and billing informationArt 9, Art 10, Art 11
EA7Demand side resourcesArt 15
EA8Grid efficiency and transformation efficiencyArt 15
EA9Energy services and ESCOsArt 18
EA10Energy audits and management systemsArt 8
EA11Certification of energy services, training and certification of energy auditors and energy managersArt 16
EA12Efficiency in heating and coolingArt 14
EA13Finance (cross-cutting area)Art 20
EA14Information and training (cross-cutting area)Art 12, Art 16, Art 17
EA15Energy efficiency 1st Principle and decarbonisation (cross-cutting areas)Preamble

Document Information

Topics are proposed participating Member States with input from the Management Team and the European Commission.
Capacity-building in implementation and convergence will continue to be included as part of all Expert Areas throughout CA EED.
The expected results of the Working Group sessions at Plenary Meetings are to identify: