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A joint initiative of the EU Member States and the European Commission, the Concerted Action for the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (CA EPBD) was launched in 2005.

It involves those representatives of national ministries or their affiliated institutions charged with preparing the technical, legal and administrative framework for the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive in each country.

The key aim is to enhance the sharing of information and experiences from national adoption and implementation of this important European legislation.

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The Concerted Action on the Renewable Energy Sources Directive (CA-RES) started in July 2010.

The CA-RES supports the transposition and implementation of the Directive 2009/28/EC and the achievement of the national targets.

The CA-RES is organized as a structured and strictly confidential dialogue between national authorities responsible for the implementation of the Directive 2009/28/EC or their nominated representatives.

In the CA-RES, Member States exchange experiences and best practices and develop common approaches.

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CEN, the European Committee for Standardization, is contributing to the objectives of the European Union and European Economic Area with voluntary technical standards.

These objectives promote free trade, the safety of workers and consumers, interoperability of networks, environmental protection, exploitation of research and development programmes, and public procurement.

CEN is a non-profit making technical organization set up under Belgian law.

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Energy Efficiency Watch

In January 2006, several Members of the European Parliament as well as of several EU Member States published their Call for an “Energy Efficiency Watch“.

The aim of this call was to promote energy efficiency and good policy in the field of energy efficiency within Europe. 

Now in its third phase, Energy-Efficiency-Watch 3 aims to establish a constant feedback loop on the implementation of European and national energy efficiency policies and thus enable mutual learning on effective policy making across the EU.

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European Commission: Energy

Europe’s citizens and companies need a secure supply of energy at affordable prices in order maintaining our standards of living. At the same time, the negative effects of energy use, particularly fossil fuels, on the environment must be reduced.

That is why EU policy focuses on creating a competitive internal energy market offering quality service at low prices, on developing renewable energy sources, on reducing dependence on imported fuels, and on doing more with a lower consumption of energy.

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European Union website

Gateway to the European Union.

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A Horizon 2020 funded project, Guarantee aims to develop innovative Energy Performance Contract (EPC) solutions for rented facilities, make EPC more flexible to better serve private sector clients and to support EPC pilot projects with experienced facilitators.

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Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is an EU Research and Innovation programme with funding available for the purpose of securing Europe’s global competitiveness. The Concerted Action is funded under Horizon 2020.

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ManagEnergy was launched in 2002 under the Intelligent Energy Europe programme and was an initiative to support the work of actors working on energy efficiency and renewable energies through capacity building workshops and networking events.

The new ManagEnergy will continue to assist actors at local and regional level through organising Master classes and peer-to-peer coaching to raise the skills of energy agencies in energy efficiency, financing and project development.

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Sustainable Energy Week

A European campaign to raise awareness among public and private bodies and the general public about the economic and environmental benefits of energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and low carbon transport. 

It acts as a catalyst for the continued development, promotion and market uptake of sustainable energy technologies, in support of the EU 2020 energy and climate objectives.

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