A note from the Coordination team

Dear CA EED network,

2021 was another year requiring special navigation and taking us all out of our comfort zones. Nevertheless, with the expert help of the Management Team, the support of CINEA and DG ENER and the overall support from the NCPs and the national experts, the CA EED managed to identify and discuss topics of relevance and importance. We have shared information, we have learned and worked together with both CA RES and CA EPBD. Through perseverance – and quite a bit of luck – we even managed to get together for a live NCP meeting and the long awaited Workshop on Data Centres and Energy Efficiency.

Last year began with hope and promise, and although it ended on a lesser note we remain hopeful for this 2022, when we will sing out the old and bring in the new CA EED3.

Energy efficiency and the EED are here to stay and so are we. The new CA EED3 officially started on 1st January and we look forward to another 5 years of excellent cooperation, discovery and sometimes facing the uncertain, but we will do it together.

The CA EED Coordination Team