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A variety of reports are produced through the duration of CA EED; the different types are summarised below.

Core Theme Series Reports

The Core Theme series reports provide insight into the subjects covered by the CA ESD and CA EED working groups and highlight key aspects of work carried out as part of these actions, as well as good practice examples from ESD and EED implementation.

CA EED consists of 8 Core Themes and the reports cover work undertaken during the period of January 2013 to October 2016. Click here to access the Core Theme Series Reports

Executive Summary Report

This report is produced at the interim and final stage of the project and provides insight into the full range of subjects covered by the CA EED. This report aims to summarise the topics highlighted within the Core Theme series report and aims to provide an overview of the whole action. Click here to access the Executive Summary reports .

Working Group Executive Summaries

These reports are written for each of the themes, following input and feedback from the Concerted Action participants at the Plenary Meetings which happen twice each year. The Executive Summaries provide an overview of the results, activities and conclusion of each Working Group.  Click here to access the Working Group Executive Summaries.

National EED Implementation Report

These reports are produced to provide information on the national EED implementation approach of each Member State.  Click here to access the reports.

Archived reports

A similar selection of reports was produced during the Concerted Action for the Energy Services Directive. To access the reports from the CA ESD, please click here.