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Confidentiality Summary

The CA EED is directed solely at the national implementing bodies, as it is designed to contribute to the effective implementation of methodologies and legislation regarding the Directive. This work must remain fully confidential while governments and governmental agents develop the national mechanisms. Only with full confidence in this confidentiality will Member States be able to freely discuss options being considered by the national governments without fear that they will be leaked, causing undue pressure to the legislative process.

Discussions in the Plenary Meetings are fully confidential, unless otherwise expressly agreed by all the involved participants. In signing the CA EED contract, all participating organisations have committed to guarantee this confidentiality agreement for all the participants they bring to the meetings, both their own staff and subcontracted experts.

A limited amount of publicly available information will be made available via the CA EED website for widespread dissemination. This will take the form of both national status reports and technical reports on specific topics related to the EED implementation.

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